The treadmill is an ideal exercise machine for beginners. These machines are perfect for users of all ages, sizes, and skill levels because this machine offers so many workout options. Most treadmills are available with a deck support system to provide easy workout outs for the joints. It is important to know the use of the treadmill properly and safely. This article will highlight a few things to consider to make your workout safe and enjoyable with your best exercise bikes with the Screen.

Treadmills have increased in popularity with the introduction of studio-based classes that integrate their use in the class. The machine has a continuous moving belt that may run from electrical or manual functions.  The treadmill allows you to have complete control over your running, including factors such as speed and pace that allow you to follow a more structured training program. Running on your home-based treadmill, allows you to avoid any extreme weather conditions, and your workout will always be safe and effective.


Many functions are identical irrespective of the brand of the machines. These functions include:

BELT – The belt moves when you run and is connected to the frame with handlebars.

SCREEN & CONTROL – There may be variations from machine to machine, with touch screens, live television, access to the internet, Bluetooth connectivity options. Most of the treadmills will keep you informed of your distance and overall time on your workout, but some machines can track metrics such as calories, or heart rate.

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STORAGE WELLS – You can store your items like water bottles, mobile phone, or car keys at the collection of wells available on the treadmills.

SAFETY FEATURES – Treadmills are available with a safety cord that can be clipped to your clothing which automatically shuts off the belt if it comes unattached. There is also an emergency stop button on most of the treadmills.


While using your running machine, consider some additional points for your safety:

  1. Ensure that the belt is stationary and the safety clip is attached to the treadmill.
  2. Always place your feet on the frame to the sides of the belt while holding the handrails.
  3. Start your treadmill with the start button or select a program. Make sure that the speed is one you can comfortably maintain when you step on the belt.
  4. Make sure to warm up for five minutes before and after your workout.
  5. Remove your hands from the handrails and increase the speed, once you move and feel stable.
  6. For stopping the machine, place your hands on the handrails and feet on the frame to the sides of the belt. Push the stop button and allow the belt to come to a complete stop.


Make sure to consider the following tips for correct usage of the treadmill:

  1. Stay relaxed as more as possible.
  2. Relax your shoulders and draw them away from your ears.
  3. Drive the arms back.
  4. Keep your breathe relaxed, reduce tension in the upper body.

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