When I first got in to college I thought it would all be fun and games, but here I was struggling to pay tuition fee and doing two jobs. In all the chaos I always had to skip meals or had to live on sandwiches. And yes, I love sandwiches still but no one can eat peanut butter or chicken wrap daily. I knew, sooner or later I had to fix this but I never knew how? But then my friend Katrina introduced Dinnerly to me along with an exclusive Dinnerly promo code which was offering $45 off for the first order… Check out latest Dinnerly promo code here.

dinnerly discount code

…There was no reason for me to not try it since the meal kit was very affordable and I had an exclusive promo code to save additional $45 AUD.

So I went to the Dinnerly site and started browsing their menu. I had to choose from 20 different recipes starting from the special diet recipes as well as recipes for vegetarians.

Since I love eggs, I opted for the egg yolk recipe which was available with three extra slices of bread. The recipe cart was simple and apparently it was the easiest recipe that I could have cooked at that point.

The whole checkout process was so simple and robust and it only took me 5 minutes to complete my order. Fortunately, Dinner was delivering in my area and the delivery time was 5-7 days.

On Monday 25th May I got my parcel with the complete recipe kit consisting of all of the ingredients, recipe cart, customer guideline chart and few extra things which were very handy.

Also I got an additional Dinnerly coupon for my next order.

The process of cooking my food was very entertaining and only took 30 minutes since it only required following 5 easy steps.

Taste & Ingredients Quality


I must say that considering the price of the meal box the taste was beyond expectation and the quality of ingredients was above my expectations.

Mom and my dad who have never admired me as a good chef astonishingly liked my food for the first time.

Since then I have never looked back and I have been a happy Dinnerly customers for more than a year.

You can try out fresh Dinnerly recipes today by using the promo codes from MSFT, the link of the coupon page is shared above in the article.

Delivery & Packaging

dinnerly box

It took them an additional day for delivering my box and the packaging was considerably better than most of the competitors offering in the same price-bracket.

However, the shipping experience can be improved by providing live tracking of the order. The customer support department was helpful but I had to send 3-5 emails to get their first response.

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